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Glass jar 300g 


This miso  is my second modern version and my first product in collaboration with Apollonia Poilâne.
Modern because there is no soy or legumes.

This product is part  of the many taste slaps I took during my internship at Noma. 


It reveals powerful notes of roasting, rye, with all the umami characteristics of classic miso pasta. 

Modern rye bread miso

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  • Made from  Camargue PGI organic rice, rye bread,  sea salt and aspergillus orizae.


    The miso should bekept cool (+3°) upon receipt 


    Unpasteurizedit is a product that will continue to mature slowly if stored under the conditions mentioned above. 


    Keep one year. 


    Allergens: possible traces ofsoy,lupineandgluten

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