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Glass jar 300g 


This miso  is my first modern version of this condiment. 

It follows logically from my professional experiences and my desire to create original and tasty condiments. 
Modern because there is no soy or legumes. 



It has an aromatic profile close to passion fruit and a roundness provided by roasted pumpkin seeds. 


Pumpkin Modern Miso

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  • Based on raw products fromOrganic Agriculture(pumpkin, Camargue IGP rice),  sea salt and aspergillus orizae.


    Productunpasteurizedso that it retains all its enzymatic and aromatic properties, it will continue to refine very slowly.


    To conservefresh (+3°) upon receiptduring6 months.


    Allergens: possible traces ofsoy,lupineandgluten.

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