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Space dedicated to BtoB

MY Fermentation is also a project aimed at all catering professionals: cooks, pastry chefs, sommeliers, bartenders...

Find in this part the BtoB offer for your projects and questions. 

Each restaurant has its expectations and needs. I therefore offer you prices adapted to professional volumes.

Catalog professional

Plain kombucha

at L

I offer you a natural kombucha base, which you can flavor at will to best suit your culinary creations. 

- Sencha green tea

- Darjeeling black tea 

- Mate

- Coffee (grands crus or marc)

- Pepper leaf 


The list is not exhaustive. 

Minimum order 5L per product.

Delivery in 50cl glass bottles in Paris, 50cl PET bottle for France (reduction of transport costs)

Contact me for more information.


per Kg

For needs higher than a single 350g jar, I have created an offer of misos per Kg. 

Packaging:  In a vacuum bag of at least 1kg. 


Depending on availability.

Flavored kombuchas

25cl / 50cl

For restaurants and grocery stores, I offer professional prices on my finished drinks. 

A Sencha green tea base and a Darjeeling black tea base, the flavors of which will change with the seasons: (green tea, black tea)

  • spring: kiwi/parsley, apple/celery branch/Szechuan pepper

  • summer: strawberry/rhubarb, peach/forest cardamom

  • autumn: quince, pear/brown butter 

  • winter: clementine/turmeric/ginger, candied grapefruit/4 spices. 

To be found in two formats 25cl and 50cl to best meet your needs. 
Minimum order. 

For more information please contact me. 


per Kg

Magic Mushroom (for the right reasons), it is able to work on proteins, starches and complex fats. 

Its transformative power is unparalleled. 

This is why I propose today to provide you with fresh rice Koji for your fermentations. 

Per Kg

56 hours of production 

delivery once a week

Contact me for more information


Fermentation is a story of the living and the human. 
The project as I imagined it, aims to train professionals in the sector and to create for those who wish to develop tailor-made products. 


Creation of a kombucha around chipotle pepper and corn for TheSocialfood and their Parisian hot dog project. 

First tailor-made creation to be tasted exclusively at 53 Rue des Gravilliers, in Paris 75003. 


PIC tailor-made training

2 days of training in the mother restaurant of the Pic house in Valence, around the different fermentation techniques. 
Kombuchas, Koji, miso and associated products, between the kitchen, the bar and the sommelier. 

Tailor-made program according to their needs. 


For all your requests for prices, quotes and/or rendez-vous, fill out this form. Be as specific as possible, it will help me better understand your expectations.

Thank you for what you sent !

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